The Positive Spin Program

Welcome to The Positive Spin Program! This is my 3 month complete support program for those of you who want change, you want to feel on top of the world, you want to feel alive again. You know you are missing out on amazing opportunities in your personal and professional life and you know that now is the time to change.

But you also have a few areas that you know are holding you back and probably a few areas that you don't yet know about.  You know in your heart that you could use some support and guidance for a little while and you are ready to get this journey started and you are ready to stop putting everyone else first and start putting you first, and investing in YOU!

In The Positive Spin Program you will work with me for 3 months, receiving 12 1-1 private coaching sessions with me, one every week.  Our first session will be 90 mins long and the additional sessions will be approx 60 minutes long. Our sessions will be held via skype or other similar platform. You will also have email access to me in between sessions should you need additional support.

The program also includes worksheets, 'homework', accountability and goal setting to make sure you stay on track!

We will systematically work through the challenges/limiting beliefs/fears you have been facing and bust our way through them. We will go on a deep and transformational journey together, and I will be right by your side to help navigate you through this.  There may be tears, there will be laughter! We will heal the issues holding you back, and we will redesign the new you in the way you always dreamed you would be, and I get the pleasure of working with the old you and being one of the first to meet the new you!

This is truly your moment to shine.  I've got your back for 3 months......are you ready??

One off payment


( or 3 monthly payments of £697)