The Mini VIP Mind Detox Intensive

The Mini Mind Detox Intensive is a 3.5 hour HALF DAY immersion session that can seriously change your life! Rather than the starter coaching package which takes place over a few weeks, this is hitting it hard and coming out the other side with some life changing strategies and techniques to help you move forward in your life.  This is an investment in YOU! This is ideal if you have one area of you life that is holding you back from reaching your true potential. We will dig deep and be laser focused on the challenges you have been experiencing, getting to the root cause and healing those unhealthy and limiting belief.  We will also put together some clear goals for taking your life forward.  Don't let annoying limiting beliefs, fears, negative emotions, bad habits or behaviours get in the way of YOU living a happy and fulfilling life.  This is an opportunity to take action in a focused and intense way, away from the distractions of normal life and to fully embrace huge positive change! 

The Mini VIP Mind Detox Intensive will run from 9.30am-13.00pm and includes the half day immersion session, PLUS a 1 hour telephone coaching call 1 month later to follow up and provide additional support.  This immersion session can be run via Skype or similar platform.  Face to face intensives can also be arranged.


These immersion days are popular with people who want to completely absorb themselves in transformation in one hit. They want to come into the room as one person and leave as a newer and improved version of themselves, with all the tools necessary to rock their lives and to make significant change straight away!