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Lets spin some positive into that!


I'm working with such wonderful patients and coaching clients right now! It just feels like people are ready for change and to up their game. Especially with my coaching clients, there is a feeling of determination to enjoy life and not get bogged down with the negative thought patterns and beliefs. I just feel honoured and privileged to be the person who helps someone get clarity. I get to witness such transformation and it feels so wonderful to see!


At the moment I am working with group of people in a secret facebook group to work on positive mindsets and having a practice of gratitude. Its been shown that people who live in a glass half full world suffer less depression and anxiety. are more productive at work and generally lead a much more fulfilling life! But when life throws you some challenges its hard to see the light amongst the black and I get that.  But working with a coach can help you navigate those waters in a much better and more positive way so that your health and your relationships are not destroyed in the process.

How positive are you? 

Nikki Collinson