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A little thank you!

So as you may or may not be aware I have been off recently on maternity leave but also a little longer than anticipated due to having to have carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand.  Its so frustrating when you want to get back to work but the tools of your trade are not up to the job so you have to keep telling people you are unavailable. Fast forward to today and I am back in people clinic and back in small animal clinic but the hand is not quite ready for the horses yet! 

So as a huge thank you for your patience I have put together a couple of offers for November!

np offer nov 2017.jpg

The first is for NEW PATIENTS who would like to start their chiropractic care with me:

  • Treatment must be taken in either November or December.  
  • This voucher must be paid for in advance.
  • This can be purchased as a voucher for a loved one.
  • Appointments will be either a Tuesday 9am-6pm or a Thursday 6pm-10pm  

The second is for all EXISTING PATIENTS of mine


Its just a little token appreciation for your support during a very challenging time!

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existing patient offer.jpg
Nikki Collinson