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The juggler!

So when I come in to clinic, I come in with the intention of hopefully making a difference to someone else's life.  I hope that the knowledge and skills I have learnt over the years will be what the patient's need that day.  However sometimes its a role reversal when you least expect it!

So here I am Nikki Collinson the Chiropractor........but I am also Nikki Collinson The Juggler! I am on the steepest learning curve as to how to juggle having 2 children!  I thought I had mastered the one child set up pretty well, but my goodness, throw in number two and its like someone has pulled the rug from under my feet! My morning session........CHILD 1 - fed, washed and dressed and teeth brushed is an epic milestone.  Brushing of the hair is like a wriggling banshee has been let loose in the house! Do we have the school bag, the pe kit, gloves, hat, homework, drinks bottle, money for toast?? Where are the school shoes? How come when you enter the house the day before the school shoes were by the front door but by the following day they have simply vanished!  CHILD 2 - fed and dressed (dressed several times due to being sick JUST as you have changed his clothes (again!) or doing an almighty poonami just after you have changed the nappy!) How come these babes have the ability to be sick or poo right when you are trying to get out the door? Its incredible! So finally CHILD 1 is ready to leave, CHILD 2 is strapped in the buggy. Me on the other hand, I look like some disheveled crazy woman who has been dragged through a hedge. I am flustered, I haven't managed to brush my hair (that is why I like this time of year as I can hide it under a woolly hat!), my coffee has now gone cold, and you can forget any chance of breakfast. The moment CHILD 1 has been deposited at school its like a massive internal PHEW!!! We did it........until the next day!

Sometimes it feels like you are the only one juggling away! You convince yourself that all other mums are super mums and that they are all totally in control and they all look calm and amazing! 

Today a mum came into visit me and I asked how she was doing........she basically offloaded my life.  We talked, we ranted a bit, we moaned a bit and then we did some chiropractic!  I thanked her for coming and bringing me some therapy! The therapy to acknowledge that I am not a lone juggler! Mums everywhere are jugglers. Its a default position! Today, she made a difference to me x 

Nikki Collinson