The Big VIP Mind Detox Intensive

The Big VIP Mind Detox Intensive is a FULL DAY immersion session to dramatically change your outlook on life and make some pretty epic plans for your future! We will spend time working completely 1-1 on the areas that have been holding you back, whether that is limiting beliefs, fears or a whole host of other possible reasons. This will be done using a variety of tools including Mind Detox. Then we will will move on to planning a future full of hope and possibility! We will map out your ideal life and plan the steps and goals to lead you in that direction! This may be personal aspirations or business aspirations. We will go deep, there may be tears, there WILL be laughter, there WILL be excitement. You will go on a massive journey of discovery and I will be there to support you through it and to help you navigate any hurdles.  One month after The Big Detox we will get together for an hour and review how things are going and make any necessary tweaks and adjustments.  The Big Mind Detox is a period of huge, huge transformation and I get the absolute joy of facilitating this for you.

The Big Mind Detox will run from 10am-4pm and includes the whole immersion day, PLUS our 1 hour coaching session one month later to give you support and accountability.  The Big VIP Mind Detox Intensive will be held via Skype or similar platform so you can work intensively with me in the comfort of your home or office.  'In Person' intensives can be arranged.


These immersion days are popular with people who want to completely absorb themselves in transformation in one hit. They want to come into the room as one person and leave as a newer and improved version of themselves, with all the tools necessary to rock their lives and to make significant change straight away!