Animal Chiropractic Rocks!

Most people tend to associate chiropractic care only with humans.  But animals can hurt themselves too whether it is from an accident or injury or just from a little too much vigorous play! The difference this time though, is that it is very much down to the owner to recognise the signs that your animal may be in discomfort and not moving as well as they should be.  Common signs to look out for include: 

  • Behavoural changes: aggression, lethargy
  • Reduced performance : refusing jumps, not working well into the bridle, not bending as well as usual, not tracking up straight
  • General: Obvious signs of pain or limping/lameness, Unable to jump into the car/go up the stairs, reluctance to let you mount into the saddle or brush/ touch a certain area.

These are just a few examples. If you think the symptoms are a medical emergency please call your Vet in the first instance.

All appointments for animals are held at the animals home/stable yard. A case history will be taken along with a discussion regarding current symptoms or changes. A short assessment will be carried out prior to the treatment.  


Appointment sessions can last from 45 - 90 mins

If you are a horse rider, it is recommended that you BOTH have regular checkups with a chiropractor. If you are out of balance you can transfer the imbalance to the horse and vice versa.  You must think of yourselves as a partnership and that both partners need to be level for you to have the foundations of becoming a truly balanced partnership and for you both to have the best chance of reaching your potential.  

If you are a dog handler with either a lively dog or you compete in agility or other competitions it is also a good idea to look after yourself too!

** In line with the Veterinary Act, you must have approval from your vet before an animal can receive chiropractic care.**


Horses   £60

Dogs     £50

Cats   £30

For all other animals please get in touch to discuss 

Payment can be made by card (network permitting), cash or cheque

If we could read the mind of animals we would find only truths
— A.D. Williams