1. How long does a session last?

This can vary according to the animal but a rule of thumb is approximately 60 mins for dogs and 90 mins for horses for the first session.  Follow up appointments are roughly 45 mins. It is important the first time that your animal receives chiropractic care that they feel at ease with me and so I always allow sufficient time to allow them to get to know me.  Their first experience of chiropractic must be a positive one.

2. Do I need permission from my Vet for my animal to receive Chiropractic Care?

Yes. In line with the Veterinary Act you must have permission from your vet prior to the treatment. This can be as simple as a quick phone call to the surgery, but it is important that your veterinary surgery is aware of what other modalities of care the animal is receiving. I cannot treat an animal until the veterinary surgery has been contacted.

3. Where are the animal sessions held?

I come to the animals home or stable yard.

4. Do I need to get my horses back checked?

This is a question I get asked ALOT when I tell people who own horses what I do. The answer is very simple OF COURSE!! As horse owners who sit on your horses backs, of course you need to look after the back! It is seen as normal to get your horses feet trimmed/shod, get teeth rasped, get your vaccinations completed each year, get your saddle checked, but what about the spine?  The area you sit on needs to be looked after. How can you expect your horse to continue to perform for you year after year without ever having its spine checked to ensure that your horse is working well and free from discomfort or restriction.   Having your horse checked by a chiropractor should be a normal part of your horses health plan even if you believe your horse is fine, you should have your horse checked regularly to prevent issues developing in the future. A normal maintenance check-over by a chiropractor should ideally be every 4-6 months. (Obviously if your horse has a problem there may be a couple of initial appointments closer together.) Ask around your area for a recommendation and get your horses spine checked now and then at regular intervals.  Your horse will thank you for it, and you will know as a responsible horse owner that you are doing everything you can to ensure the overall health of your horse.

5. Can my animal resume normal activities following the treatment?

Following the treatment your animal may feel a little sore or stiff.  They can also be quite tired. You must allow them at least 48 hours of rest following the treatment. Post treatment advice can vary animal to animal and it is important that you follow my advice in order to get the maximum benefit from the treatment. Please do not book a competition for your animal a few days following the treatment. Please allow time for your animal to respond to the treatment and time to heal. Competitions will always be there for another time. The welfare of you animal is the most important.

6. How many treatments will my animal require?

This can vary according to the animal and its presenting symptoms. Usually 2-4 treatments on average with varying gaps in between each one. Following the initial treatment plan,  I recommend that your animal receives regular check ups every 4-6 months and receiving Chiropractic Care is a normal part of the animals health routine alongside worming, shoeing, teeth checked, saddle checked etc…


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