20 Reasons You Should Get Your Horse Checked By A Chiropractor

If you are not sure whether chiropractic care is what your horse needs, check out the information below.  Horses all have different personalities, some can cope with pain much easier than others so it is up to you the owner to look out for signs that may indicate your horse could be in discomfort.  It is recommended that all horses that are used for riding, driving or any physical activity should be checked every 6 months:

  1. Stiffness or tightness on one rein even after warming up.
  2. Refusing or knocking down jumps that were previously not a problem.
  3. You have bought a new horse and only have limited history.
  4. The horse is just returning to work after a few months off eg: turned away, had a foal, recovering from illness/injury or prolonged box rest.
  5. Your horse does not like to be groomed.
  6. Changes in behaviour, biting/nipping, threatening/trying to kick, pinning ears back when you come near with a saddle/rug/brush.
  7. Bucking/rearing or any behaviour that is an attempt to unseat the rider.
  8. Holding its tail to one side.
  9. Your horse just doesn’t ‘feel right’.
  10. History of ill fitting tack.
  11. History of back problems.
  12. Does not want to engage hind quarters.
  13. You compete regularly and want to ensure that your horse is in good shape and free from any discomfort.
  14. You see it as good responsible ownership to include checking/maintaining the horses general physical well being as well as its feet and teeth (Of course you would call the vet for emergencies)
  15. Preference to one canter lead or trot diagonal or going disunited.
  16. Unwillingness to go forward.
  17. Continually resting one leg or shifting weight in the hind legs.
  18. Reluctance to pick feet up especially the hind feet.
  19. A judge/observer has advised you that your horse is not working balanced/not tracking up straight/is stiff etc….although you yourself have not noticed anything (usually novice riders)
  20. You the rider/driver have been advised by a therapist that you are not level and have received/about to receive treatment as any imbalances you have can be transferred to the horse and vice versa.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give you an idea of the type of scenarios that could be an indication that your horse is in pain or experiencing discomfort.  You can see some photos of a typical equine treatment here. As the saying says ‘if in doubt, check it out’.  It is better to be safe than sorry, so if you do think your horse may need chiropractic care either drop me an email here or call/text 07955113449 and we can have a chat about it.  If you leave me your email address at the top right of the page I can also keep you updated with all things happening at Wight Chiropractic!

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