I’ve had Nikki do my horses’ backs for the past 4 years.  In this time she has treated nervous and young horses which Nikki is just great with, taking her time, being very patient, and listening to the owner and the horse. Really would not recommend anyone else 

Kimberley French – Horse and Country Sales 

‘I have had Nikki to do my ponies for some years now. I have been competing at world class level in Horse driving trials which is very demanding on the ponies, they must be super fit and agile which can only be achieved if they are happy and comfortable in themselves.  Whenever I ask Nikki to see to the ponies I get a quick, professional and very friendly service. The ponies are totally at ease with everything she does to them and trust her completely, she explains everything as she is going along which is extremely helpful.  Great service, empathy and understanding of the ponies.’

Julie Hoskyns - Hobbit Rosettes Isle of Wight

I believe good health is not just about feeling ok and an absence of pain, but about providing and maintaining your flexibility, performance and vitality. So I very much believe in having appropriate support and care at appropriate intervals and life style changes.  When I started treatment with Nikki I had bad headaches, neck pain and lower back pain that had got progressively worse since the age of about 13.  Regular chiropractic treatment and massage has helped me. Nikki takes an integrated approach to my healthcare and has provided me with the care that is appropriate for me.  I continue to work full-time in a demanding job and rarely have a day off sick.  Nikki is someone I trust implicitly and would highly recommend.

Jayne Bell, Professional Counsellor and Life Coach, Isle of Wight

‘Nikki Collinson has helped me so so much with my back ..she listens to you…and always makes you feel so much better.. the treatment always helps and gives you that balance you need to feel great.  I have known Nikki for years and trust her judgement with my back ..she has been a god send to me and my son..glad she is just round the corner and would recommend her to any one ..we’re very grateful for your dedication..thank you..’

Joanne Alexander, Isle of Wight

I have known Nikki for 10 years, she is a professional, knowledgeable & dedicated Human & Animal Chiropractor. She is warm & approachable no matter what your concern. She goes the extra mile to help you on your way to health & wellbeing with her knowledge & expertise built up with continued study over many years.

Catherine Dodd – CJP Holistic Training Solutions, Isle of Wight

I have to say if anyone is thinking about having your horses back done get Nikki in! I had previously spent getting towards the region of £500 with a chiro on my driving pony, Nikki had been recommended by a friend and one treatment later my pony had a complete turnaround! She’s thorough, takes her time, no half hour slot then go! And explains exactly what she is doing. I cannot recommend her enough!

Joanne Dunn Dunwell Cards, Isle of Wight

Since my teenage years, I have had back and neck problems. Having an office job, working at the computer long hours and having a relatively strong disinterest in sports probably did not help. At some point, my pain got to a stage which I could hardly cope with. I was in Uganda – where was I supposed to go!  By coincidence, Nikki was recommended to me. Since I tend to be rather careful with doctors and chiropractors, I went to our first appointment nervous though open-minded. Our very first appointment was long.  Nikki took about 45 minutes to examine my body to then explain me in detail where my pain is coming from and what we can do about it. She used her posters and artificial skeleton  to show me what my bad habits (not sitting up straight, laying straight on my bad at night etc) were doing to my body. I have never learned as much about my body as in these 45 minutes. She then proposed a treatment to me for the next six months starting with weekly sessions and then bi-monthly etc. Besides getting my back and neck straight and hip in the right positions by means of a very gentle method , she also recommended me to do acupuncture which was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I was dead tired after the treatment but the months after the sessions, I felt so much better than ever before. My muscles were relaxed and my migraine appeared less frequently. If Nikki and I had not left Uganda, I am sure I would be still her patient. Since then, I have not found a chiropractor I trust with all my body and mind, as I trusted Nikki.

To make a long story short: I got to know Nikki as a tremendously competent chiropractor who takes all the time she needs to learn about the patient, figure out his/her problems and examine the body. She puts en emphasis on proposing methods in a way that anyone (even me) understands what’s  going on and what we can do – the “we” is important because Nikki not only highlights where she can help but also what the patient can/should do in order to improve conditions sustainably. She cares about the patients and is passionate about her profession. In addition to that, she carries a good heart inside and is open to listening to non-medical issues.’

Dr Ulrike Krause,  Technical Advisor for Peacebuilding, Gender and Human Rights Adjunct Lecturer, Germany

‘I have lived in Uganda for almost on and off 18 years. I began to have back problems in 2003 but in 2008 – 2009 when I met Nikki Collinson I fell already much better after the her first manipulation. She is very kind and the way she manipulated me suited me very much. I had a few acupuncture session as well and I felt also a big change in the lower back muscle and neck since they became less tense. Nikki makes you feel really good and I always felt that my problems had been lifted from my chest, like renewed. too bad she is no longer here, a very fond client of hers’

Annie Ten Brink, Uganda


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