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Chiropractic Awareness Week 15th-19th April

Chiropractic Awareness Week 15th-19th April

Tomorrow marks the start of Chiropractic Awareness Week. I know that there seems to be an abundunce of awareness days/weeks that sometimes it can get confusing and that everyday seems to belong to some group or organisation! I actually think however that it is a great idea! Whilst you can constantly try and promote your work and the benefits of chiropractic, actually having a focus week allows you to have the opportunity to really focus on chiropractic to the wider community for a few short days, rather than saturating people day after day!

So many people could benefit from seeing a chiropractor, but many do not go, for a number of reasons…..fear, the unknown, it will hurt, I can’t afford it etc….so instead they choose to live with their discomfort and reduce their quality of life, rather than investing time or money towards their health. As my quote at the top of the page states

‘a wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession’  Hippocrates

Yet so many people will not value their health in the way that they should.  I have been doing a course recently and one of the sayings that came out of there is

‘everything is figureoutable!’  Marie Forleo

Yes of course figureoutable is not a true word, but with every dilemma there is always hope in finding a solution! So for the fear of seeing a chiropractor, contact me and I can arrange for you to watch a treatment so that you know what to expect.  If you are worried it will hurt, I can put you in touch with people who have received the treatment and can give you their honest opinions on whether it will hurt (it won’t!).  If you can’t afford it, there are schemes available that help you spread the costs across the year.  If you are not sure if its the right treatment, I can arrange for you to pop in for a free 20 min chat so you can meet me and we can discuss whether chiropractic is appropriate for you.  There is no need to stay in a place of discomfort.  Of course I can’t help everyone, I would be an amazing miracle workers if that were the case.  But I would say I can help 85% of the people that come and see me so that’s pretty good odds!

During this week I hope to bring you some daily tips on how you can also help yourself.  But in the meantime, please don’t stay suffering unnecessarily.  Please drop me an email if there is something you wish to discuss or ring the clinic and get yourself booked in and let me try and help you get back on track. I want to leave you know with one awesome quote I heard yesterday

‘Pain is inevitable….suffering is optional’  Tony Robbins

Have a lovely weekend and please feel free to leave a comment below!


PS I can report that the back is holding up nicely and normality has resumed!