Why chiropractic?

So many times I have been asked why I chose chiropractic, why I went through all the years of training rather than stay in my comfy (albeit unfulfilling ) financial career….the answer is simple…..to make a difference. To learn how to be able to make a significant difference to people and animals lives at a time when they are experiencing problems, issues, pain, or restriction. When life is not going quite as it should be. To be able to have the skills to possibly help someone or an animal get back on track, increase their quality of life, and their performance is amazing.  Educating people and owners how to look after themselves and their animals, working towards proactive care rather than reactive care is just the icing on the cake….I love my job!

And yes, I too have experienced chronic pain….

199749_4722781015_4871_nI have a ruptured disc in my lumbar spine from an injury treating a horse in 2008. I have suffered from migraines and headaches since my early twenties. I have a history of knee problems since I was a child. I have had car accidents, numerous falls from horses and crash landed a parachute jump.  But I have also run the London Marathon, completed the Great South Run twice, done 2 solo parachute jumps, a skydive, and a bungy jump. I have participated in the UK 24 hr Three Peaks Challenge and 2 endurance Row for Life events.  With regular chiropractic care I have overcome my physical challenges to still lead a fulfilling life. I have learnt that I must value my health because without it I cannot help others. When I let my own treatment plan fall behind, I pay the price and my pain returns.  My mission is to lead by example, to show you how, with regular chiropractic care, by following advice, acknowledging your limitations and looking after yourself you too can still reach your potential. 196521_4722806015_3441_n

I had my first chiropractic treatment as a teenager.  I was working part time in a home for the elderly and there was a lot of lifting people involved.  This was before the guidelines of Health of Safety.  It helped me so much and from then on I had a check up every so often.  I also had my horse checked every few month so that i knew we were both as ‘tip top’ as we could be! I was amazed by the treatment!  So after that unfulfilling career in finance, I trained in remedial massage and worked within a chiropractic clinic whilst completing my Batchelor of Science in Chiropractic. I graduated in 2005 from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon, Oxford and then continued my studies with the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic. I have now worked both in my own clinics and within multidisciplinary clinics both on the Isle of Wight and in Uganda (where I lived for 4 years).

I am also a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and a Mind Detox Method Practitioner.  I am currently studying the Mind Calm Method. I am a member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, registered with the General Chiropractic Council (Reg No 02365) which regulates chiropractic in the UK and a member of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce.

I have one daughter, several small ponies and 2 cats. I used to compete a lot with horses but now just have the small ponies to mow the grass. I am the Founder of a childrens charity, the Africa Childrens Development Trust which helps children in Uganda and this work is very important to me. I am a restless entrepreneur, vegetarian and probably annoying virgo! 

I love being a chiropractor, meeting lovely people and animals and being able to use my skills to make a difference to lives whether they be two or four legged!  In March 2016 I was honoured to be awarded the Venus Awards Influential Woman of the Year 2016.

Random Stuff About Me!

  • I used to play the flute
  • I have appeared on Top Gear
  • I set up and ran a bottled water factory in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • I used to be a Bank Manager (yes really!!)
  • I worked in McDonalds when I was a teenager!
  • I have dived on the Great Barrier Reef  (Awesome!!) 199145_4722856015_6690_n
  • I LOVE Marmite!




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