A painful week….


Its been a few days now since the website went live and I am so very grateful for the feedback I have received so far, so I have been doing a few tweaks this week to try and improve the site even more. I will continue to do this as I gain more tech knowledge but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE drop me a message and let me know!

This week has been very challenging for me! Last Sunday after I put my daughter down in her cot for a nap, I turned around and BAM, I was on the floor and stuck there for 30 mins with Laanii peering at me over her cot wondering what on earth I was doing on the floor! I was in soooooo much pain in my back and I just wanted to scream and cry but I didn’t want to scare her so I just lay there and took deep breaths and I could eventually take the first move in getting up! Thank goodness Laanii was safe in her cot!

For those of you that have known me a long time, I ruptured a disc in my lumbar spine in 2008 treating a very large heavy horse that decided to walk off whilst I was holding its leg up. I spent the next 2 years in and out of consultant care having epidurals/facet block injections and OF COURSE chiropractic and acupuncture. In fact my work colleagues at Watchbell House were AMAZING in doing everything they could to help me as I was struggling to do my work. In fact there were days when I was in a worse state than the patients I was treating!!

The last couple of years however my back has been so much improved, I had a baby and resumed all normal activities (sensible ones!) and tried my best to practice what I preached with regard to helping myself get better!  Back wise, life has been good, so this sudden ‘incident’ with no warning really took me by surprise and was incredibly unwelcome!!

I have therefore had to cancel my appointments this week which I hate to do! But I know that if I am sensible for a few days I will be back on track. If I try to ‘gun ho’ my way through this week without any regard to what my back is telling me, I could be laid up for weeks and that is simply out of the question! So I have been attached to an ice pack this week and my mum has been great at helping me with Laanii as carrying/lifting a 16 month old is not the best idea when trying to heal your back!

This time away from the ‘hands on’ has however allowed me to catch up on some paperwork and look into some of the things I would like to do with the charity, so it has been productive if  not ‘hands on’

I think its important for patients to know that many of us chiropractors have physical problems we are dealing with ourselves so when you come in to see us chances are we know EXACTLY how you feel!  It was regularly seeing a chiropractor for a problem that often inspired many people to train in chiropractic themselves!

Anyway I am off now……to see the chiropractor!! xx

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