March, 2014

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Spring is finally here!


I love it when I wake in the morning and the sun is trying desperately to burst through my blinds like it was this morning! After such a horrible and wet winter, is spring finally here?? Today would be a perfect day to get out on my bike.  I have recently got back out on my road bike and I am loving it,  how ever last week I decided to slip on a step at work and nearly break my ankle! I have been on crutches the last few days I am so relieved that it is only a bad sprain, so no cycling for me today!

I have one of those little trailers for the back of the bike for my daughter to sit in! She used to love it but more recently she has started to not enjoy it. I think its because she is getting a little too big and the back of the hat keeps knocking the back of the trailer and coming forward! Anyway, last week I bought one of those baby seats to go on the back of the bike and I am desperate to give it a go! Not today though……boo hoo!

My Ankle

So yes……..even chiropractors do stupid things!!

I find the spring makes me feel all productive, like you have come out of a winter lull and you are all ready to get going! I am super excited about what this year will bring!  Right now my new website is being built! This site was built by me with help from Google and Youtube and although I am so pleased with what I achieved as a total novice, it is now time to hand over the reins to the experts. So I am excited to see what that will look like!

I am also currently working with Michelle Holmes, a good friend of mine on her 30 day video challenge which involves me making a short film every day on a topic she posts daily on our Facebook page.  It is really taking me out of my comfort zone but I would love to have more confidence using video and hope to do more in the future on my website. Watch this space!

This Saturday I am attending a training day with another awesome lady Carly Hope and I just know I will return armed with lots more ways that I can serve my patients and clients.  I am loving the creation of my VIP days and I just know Carly will help me make them even better!

So with the sun shining and exciting things ahead, things are looking rosy here, albeit with a black foot! So what exciting things are happening for you in the next few weeks, please drop me a comment below and let me know! xx