January, 2014

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New Year Detox!

New Year Detox!

I am a huge jucing fan and I have been juicing for years! Every so often I do a juice detox for a few days. I usually follow Jason Vale the  Juice Masters plans/recipes as I like them and I am familiar with them!  A few years ago I even treated myself to attending one of Jasons retreats in Turkey, which I absolutely loved and would love to do again one day!

So anyway yesterday I started my 5 day juice detox, where I have 4 home made juices a day. My next juice is in about 2 hours time as I am feeling pretty darn good! I think there is a mental part to actually juicing in that you just KNOW that you are pumping your body with great stuff which just makes you feel better! Plus I get the benefits of foods I wouldn’t eat normally as I don’t like the taste ie celery and beetroot, because they are hidden in with other ingredients! Fab eh!

My little girl also loves tasting my juices and as at times she can be a but fussy with fruit and veg this is a great way to give her a big dose of fruit and veg too!  So here are a few pictures:



Turbo with a Kick!65645_352913384851007_589126381_n 1524968_352898544852491_241079505_n

A Ruby Tuesday!1510346_352897394852606_1007103637_n

A Ginger Shot!photoSomeone has a green moustache!

I’m on it!

Ok, so lets be brutally honest, I have been beyond rubbish at keeping this blog going and I feel pretty bad about that! So right now I am making a promise to keep this on top of this blog and keep you updated on all things going on in my world!

A lot has happened since I last posted so I will gradually bring everything you all up to speed as some of the things are pretty exciting, well for me anyway and hopefully for you too! Before I post my celebrations for 2013, I would love to hear what yours are??

Please comment below and let me know, i’d love to hear from you!