March, 2013

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On the mend!


So after a chiro treatment from one of my colleagues and a couple of days letting things settle I have been so much better this week with all things back related!

Phew…..what a relief!! I love my job so much, but it a physical job, so when this back issue flared up last week,  it just caused me nothing but grief!  Since returning back to the island and finishing my maternity leave I am enjoying being back in practice and I really don’t want to be unable to work because chiro has a knackered back!!

But what this ‘episode’ has shown me once more is how amazing chiropractic is!

Last week I was worried…..and then one treatment and a few days of being sensible and I am significantly better! Yay!

A painful week….


Its been a few days now since the website went live and I am so very grateful for the feedback I have received so far, so I have been doing a few tweaks this week to try and improve the site even more. I will continue to do this as I gain more tech knowledge but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE drop me a message and let me know!

This week has been very challenging for me! Last Sunday after I put my daughter down in her cot for a nap, I turned around and BAM, I was on the floor and stuck there for 30 mins with Laanii peering at me over her cot wondering what on earth I was doing on the floor! Read More…

Welcome to Nikki Collinson Chiropractor!


Hi and welcome to friends old and new!

Having now moved back home to the Isle of Wight, I felt it was time that I built myself a little website to provide you all with information regarding my work as a chiropractor. I hope you find the information useful, but please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions. Read More…